Sunday, March 25, 2012

When was the last time you shaved?

This morning

What, if anything, was the most erotic/turned on thing about your day?

My Chat With Vickie

How long are your showers?

It depends on whether I have a partner

Whos ur fav pornstar?

Kimber James, Tara Emory, Isabella for starters

Do you ever get compliments on your legs?

all the Time!

When you feel like you need/want to be alone, where do you go ?

my doggie bed

What is your favourite drink? :)

Red wine ... a nice Blend

Girls: bikini, tankini or full body suit ? guys: what looks better on a girl and what do you wear.. speedos or ?

Tankini would be my preference

Would you rather be the king/queen of the world or the president ?

Queen of Course

Back Soon!

Basic Black

Do Me Often!

Just Yummy