Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At Least I Get To Keep My Clothes

Quinn is not happy me at this time. He says i need to change my attitude. That's what happens when you do something behind your current owner's back. After all i am now under a purchase agreement and HE has the right to do with me what he wants. HE says i am having too much fun with my blogs and not enough time getting HIM what he wants. Sorry!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Breaking The Rules ...

... unless the necklace, ear rings and bracelet counts!

Posing For You Too!

Posing For You!

Waiting too!



Yummy Me!

Yummy Too!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Public ...

Having sex in a public place is a huge turn-on for many women and this tgirl in particular because it’s just so naughty. Public doesn’t mean “right out on the street in front of everyone to see”; it generally means somewhere discreet, but very much in the public domain. From cars to public toilets to the library, the possibilities are endless… a park, an alleyway, a coffee shop bathroom, a crowded metro… all these places offer the thrill of debauchery, but you can do it without anyone really actually knowing what you are doing. If you do get caught, the giggles will be worth it unless, of course, you get arrested! Even so, you can add your mug shots to your photo album.
The key to having sex in public is to keep it decent. This means wearing appropriate clothing for easy access, and keeping the huffs, puffs and squeals down. Your thrills may not thrill too many other people.

Deep Throating

Deep throating is something that is often mentioned in erotic stories, and often seen in pornos and on the internet, but most girls (and guys) find it rather difficult to do. Part of it is a sensitive gag reflex, part of it is the fear (and the reality) of not being able to breath with a dick shoved down your throat. However, it is possible, and although I'm not a guy (Not since I last checked anyway) I've been informed by my very man that it's one of his favorite things during sex (admittedly, on a rather long list of "favorite" things). The first thing you can do is practice, not necessarily with a banana (although I know that some people do use that successfully), you can practice just with your finger or a toothbrush. Just every time you brush your teeth, at the very end brush your tongue as far back as you can get it, until your gag reflex starts screaming at you. The constant pushing on it will actually make your gag reflex less sensitive, and allow you to get objects further and further back into your throat. A good reason to use your finger is that most guys are not as long or as hard as a toothbrush is, and with your finger you can get a good general idea of where the most sensitive spots in your throat are. Knowing the "danger" zones in your own mouth is a HUGE bonus when it comes to attempting to swallow a dick. Anther pointer is to do just that, swallow while sucking, making the swallowing movement with your throat and tongue. Your gag reflex tends to relax when you swallow, allowing you to move the tip of the dick past it, for some reason the gag reflex doesn't seem to have a problem with a dick laying under it, just poking into it. However, eventually you will need to pull off and repeat this procedure so that you can breathe. Breathing is important, if you aren't getting enough air you're actually more likely to gag or actually throw-up, also if you're trying to swallow the dick and gasping for breath at the same time because you haven't gotten enough air, chances are you're going to swallow air, which is again, going to upset your stomach and make you gag or throw up. One which isn't very pleasant for you and one which isn't very pleasant for you or your partner. Work up to. Start by slowly sliding down as far as you can, and then pull back as soon as you start to feel nauseous/sick. Do it again. And again, try to push yourself a little farther each time (without actually making yourself sick.) TAKE AS MUCH TIME AS YOU NEED IN BETWEEN. Don't go down while you're still feeling nauseous, take a few moments, relax, and then go again. Working up to it allows you to build confidence in your abilities to go farther and farther. Half of this is a mind thing, if you think you can do it, you're a lot more likely to be able to. If you think it's impossible, well, try the next paragraph and then pay close attention to the last one. Try different positions. The first time I managed to deep throat my boyfriend we were in a 69 position; it that position the throat is curved almost exactly like a vagina and the point of the penis doesn't impact the gag reflex as much. One way to do this is to be on the bottom of the 69 and let your partner lower himself (somewhat quickly although carefully) into your mouth. Make sure your relaxed when he does this, if your throat is tense and closed up then it's not going to work. Most importantly, MAKE SURE YOU TRUST YOUR PARTNER. Having the person attached to the dick be positioned on top in this kind of situation can be dangerous to the person on the bottom, because the person on top goes 'Oh god, this is wonderful... I want to stay like this forever' and forgets that you're running out of air because they're blocking your throat. If this does happen to you, a short sharp slap on the ass usually gets their attention the fastest. Another position to try is on your back on a bed with your head hanging off and your partner standing in front of your face and thrusting forward, this gives you a little bit more control since you can use your hands on their hips to guide their movements. Again though, you still must have a relaxed throat, these positions are much easier to deep throat in than the convention "on your knees" in front of the guy pose, but a closed throat will kill everything. If your gag reflex is just too sensitive or your man just too big (or at an inconvenient length where he can't help but poke your gag reflex every time), Cheat. There is this absolutely wonderful gel on the market called "Good Head". There are also other gels and "helpers", and most of them probably work but I haven't actually tried them. "Good Head" I can vouch for. I got it at a Slumber Party that I attended, one of my friends and I spent about 45 minutes shoving half our hands down our throats every time we checked to see if it was still working. All it requires is a very small dollop, just enough to cover the tip of your index finger, put on your tongue and then swallow. That's it, and immediately your gag reflex WILL BE GONE for quite a period of time. Because I tend to get impatient with my natural abilities, I have a rather large bottle of Cinnamon flavored Good Head that I keep with me when I feel like treating my guy to something special, rather than making him wait while I work up to swallowing the whole nine yards. The best part about it is that it doesn't have an aftertaste and it tastes fairly good (at least the Cinnamon does, I haven't tried other flavors). Good luck to all, and happy heading!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Never ...

Never Completely Naked .... No Never!

Rules For Booty Calls

#1 No holding hands. Keep hands to the crotch-el region.
#2 No spending the night.
#3 Fifteen minutes of cuddling max. But affection is generally discouraged beyond Aww, you are such a great fuck!
#4 Do not enter upon a fuck buddy arrangement or situation while drunk. There’s a difference between a one-night stand and a fuck buddy (yet another post). Although entering either drunk is not wise. God forbid there’s a beer-goggles situation. You don’t want to go to bed with Will Smith and wake up with Steve Urkel, do you? Besides, don’t you want to be sober enough to remember all the marvelous sex you had the night before?
#5 No toothbrushes. Refer to #2. There should be no ties at all, even if they cost only $2.49 and secretly you let your other fuck buddy use the same one.
#6 Don’t discuss anything real. No family history, no favorite colors, no goals, no personal triumphs or tragedies. If you want to keep it real, you have to stay light: movies, bands, and favorite brands of booze.
#7 He is not obligated to have sex with you while you’re having your period. Most nice boyfriends will, but fuck buddies have the option to pass. If he doesn’t mind, then cool.
#8 No sweetie, honey, schmoopie allowed. The only pillow-talk is fuck me harder, ride me bitch, or suck this big cock.
#9 No dinners, no movies, no quality timeâ of any sort. If you insist on going out at all, meet him at a bar for drinks no earlier than ten pm. The hour between nine and ten is the grey zone between when a real date starts and when itâ’s just a hook-up. So if you ever wonder why a guy asks you out for a date so late, it’s because he doesn’t want to have to go through the effort of buying you dinner and talking, he just wants to get to the good stuff. #10 Two guys in twenty-four hours is fine, just be discreet.
So do have a f*ck buddy?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Doing What They Do Best!

Steam Shower Rendezvous

Nature is calling as I woke up realizing that I was in bed with both Lisbeth and Tami. A big grin covered my face. The two women took me captive from the sitting room willingly I might add . It was all coming back to me now.

Alexander had just finished vigorously pounding my ass with his huge cock I had been laying in a heap on the floor, as they grabbed me with what they thought were my clothes as we went giggling down one the hallways to Lisbeth’s room.

Mistress K had just clipped a silver leash on Alexander’s new diamond collar, almost jerking him out of my ass. She whisked him away from the sitting room. I remember her saying, “Come with me now, you cocksucker. You choose the bitch’s ass over me. You need to explain and beg for mercy!”

The two women had nursed my clit back to health by gently kissing and rubbing my entire body with sensual oils. We had had a wonderful threesome session alternating between their pussies, tits, our asses and mouths along with my tits and 7” cock ringed clit. It was hard to keep count, but I remember Lisbeth finally mounted my clit while Tami licked my tits and body. Tami then licked Lisbeth’s pussy clean, while my protected cocked ringed clit found her lovely and stunning booty. They both devoured my clit but this time, removed my cock ring so I could explode into Tami’s pussy. Lisbeth and I then licked her clean. We must have then fallen asleep exhausted Tami snuggling with Lisbeth and me nuzzled next to Tami.

Not knowing what time it was, I started to panic. I had an appointment at 10 am with Mistress Melanie. I found the clock on Lisbeth’s side; whew it was only 8 am.

Both women were still sound asleep as I crawled out of bed. Trying to be quiet, I looked for my clothes to no avail. I did find my ankle boots, my thong and my purse, but not my pants or camisole. To my own amazement, although soiled, I still was wearing my thigh highs.

I found Lisbeth’s bathroom to freshen up. I truly needed a ‘perk me up’ before the brunch with Mistress Melanie. I remembered that the Guesthouse was near the gym on the other side of the garage. I slid out of my thigh highs, stuffed them into my purse, and pulled my thong up my legs to stuff my clit in. I tipped toed out of the room, carrying my boots so I wouldn’t wake the girls. So with purse and boots in hand, I made my way to the gym.

Once inside, I found the steam room, I set my purse and shoes on the bench outside. The steam room had two tiled bench levels. I laid down face up on the top bench to soak the soreness out of my body. I certainly wasn’t suffering as I had thoroughly enjoyed my entire day, but my ass was still a little tender from Alexander’s pounding. He sure knows how to use that monster of his. Thinking about it, my clit was stretching the the little satin fabric that covered it.

The door to the steam room opened and through the fog emerged Jonathan’s hunk of a naked body. “My what a pleasant surprise to see you here Nikkij! “ My heart again perked up as I saw this hunk of man … and … his gorgeous cock enter through the steam. Noticing the bulge forming in my panties he said, “Nikkij, I knew you were kinky, but until now, I wasn’t sure just how kinky.”

He ran his fingers along the creases of my satin panties. The lightly rubbing was getting this slut even more excited once again. I sit up on the bench so Jonathan could crawl between my legs. He was gently kissing and licking my clit through the satin. My enlarged clit popped out of the top and Jonathan kept me aroused by licking the tip.

I inserted my fingers in the waistband to wiggle out of my panties, which gave Jonathan complete entrée to my clit. “I want you Jonathan” so I lay back down on the bench. Jonathan continued licking the shaft of my clit but gave made his cock accessible by straddling my body. He dropped his balls into my face. I licked his huge balls, taking each one in my mouth. After all the sex that I had had in the past 20 hours, I wasn’t sure I could cum again. Not to disappoint Jonathan I filled his mouth with my cum.

I now wanted his cock and Jonathan wanted me to have it, but first he wanted to share my own juices with me. He crawled to my face to so we could kiss each other deeply. We rolled around on the bench exchanging each other’s tongues along with my own nectar. Jonathan looked at me “I really want your great ass Nikki. “ I indicated that I had condoms in my purse, which Jonathan found very quickly on the bench outside the steam room.

My panties were down by knees as Jonathan pushed into my ass, with his incredible cock. In no time he had emptied his full load in my ass. This slut was quite satisfied again, and quite proud of the pleasure the Jonathan and I just shared. Enjoying the moment we lay next to each other, but I soon remembered that I had an appointment with Mistress Melanie.
I kissed Jonathan goodbye, stuffed my clit back in my panties grabbed my boots then began running to the estate house. On the way out of the gym I noticed that I had just twenty minutes to change then be at Mistress Melanie’s Master Suite by precisely 10 AM. I was out of breath by the time I reached the house, but I soon found the stairway to my floor. I found my room, and luckily my new Saturday morning uniform had been set out for me.

I looked for Carina, but she was nowhere to be found. The steam room along with the pleasure romp with Jonathan had left me dripping wet from head to toe. In fact I had goose bumps allover from the chill in the outside air. I took a few deep breaths then toweled off as best that I could.

Purity must be the theme this morning as my garter belt was white as were my laced top stockings. I slid the stockings on my legs, cinching the tops to the each of the six garter clasps. My bra matched the lace pattern in my garter belt. I checked my hair it was still wet with no time to dry it. My make up was barely passable but I applied some touch up along with new lip-gloss. My diamond collar was still in place around my neck.

I looked for my purse, but it was nowhere to be found. I had left it at the gym. I made a mental note to go back for it later. I grabbed my heels and ran for the stairs to the Master Suite. With just a few seconds to spare I arrived at Mistress Melanie’s door, I took few breaths then presented my self.

Drip Drip Drip

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lollipops ...

Three guys were on a trip to Saudi Arabia. One day, they stumbled into a harem tent filled with over 100 beautiful women. They started getting friendly with all the women, when suddenly the Sheik came in."I am the master of all these women. No one else can touch them except me. You three men must pay for what you have done today. You will be punished in a waycorresponding to your profession."The sheik turns to the first man and asks him what he does for a living."I'm a cop", says the first man. "Then we will shoot your penis off!", said the sheik.He then turned to the second man and asked him what he did for a living. "I'm a firemen", said the second man."Then we will burn your penis off!", said the sheik.Finally, he asked the last man, "And you, what do you do for a living?"And the third man answered, with a sly grin, "I'm a lollipop salesman!"

Jamie Again!

My ex wife Ashley owns an interior design business. She’s quite successful at it. Recently she was traveling extensively through Europe for both business and pleasure with her new husband Henry, so she asked me to attend a recent market event in Dallas for her.
I’ve gone with her to the Dallas Market Center many times in the past. I had the time so I did. I love to stay at the Dallas Anatole Hotel, which is nearby the market.
On my first morning, I was having breakfast at the Terrace Café. I arrived at the hostess desk at about the same time as this very stunning blonde. The Hostess started to seat me as a single, when Jamie, I soon learned asked if she could join me.
“Pardon me, I hate eating alone. I see that you are a single; could I join you for breakfast? I’m Jamie. ” This gorgeous woman about 5’6” stood before me. Perfect tits encased in a white silk blouse and black business suit jacket. She has great legs in grey pantyhose and grey 3” pumps. Perfect.
As my eyes looked her over I grinned “Absolutely, I would enjoy some company this morning! My name is Nicole Madison, it my pleasure to meet you, Jamie.”
We hit it off almost from the moment we sat down. Jamie was in Dallas for a few days on business. She’s a marketing/public relations consultant, from Chicago meeting with a new client to outline their program for the upcoming year. We chatted over coffee and bagels. The entire time, I couldn’t take my eyes this gorgeous woman in front of me. How lucky could this slut be!
As it appeared that neither of us had firm plans for the evenings we agreed to meet around 6 PM in the Gossip Bar. Jamie had to leave before me, so I took care of the check. I watched her leave. She looked just as good walking away. She has a perfect butt.

More Kimber James

What job would you choose if you could only have one of these choices?
A, Business person
B, Lawyer
C, Teacher
D, Policeman
E, Pro sports player

F, Waiter/bartender
G, Porn Diva

Tell me why?