Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i wanna be a girl Sooo bad but i dont know how to start getting dressed and getting my make-up right :s

Beatdown ... you need to make that first move into Victoria secrets and buy your first pair of panties ... make up and hair .. find a very hip salon... they will do it for you after hours... courage.

Remember the first time you gave a blowjob, was it as good as you thought? Were you hooked?

Vividly ... I was hooked as soon as i touched it with my tongue...

Need a Caption!

I Own Both!

Will You Have Trouble Finding My Sweet Spot!

I Love Licking Shaved!

Let's Ride!

Thank You!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

When you first uncover someone's cock, how do you like to find it - completely limp & flaccid, semi-erect, fully-erect, pulsating & oozing, or a cummy mess ready for cleanup?


Why do people put 'verified account' on their profiles to prove that they're real? Like is that really gonna prove something?

I have no idea!

Why is Mandy Moore missing from the star powered list?!

no particular reason ... I forgot a a few and if someone votes you can't correct your omission.

Do You mean Mandy Mitchell?

what can you never get enough of?

Never ... can get enough!

Hypothetically, if I was in the Dallas area, would you be down to suck my cock tonight?

Depends on where You were at the time

Nikkij, what is the "Cheers" girl's name?

which blog .. what date ... ?

Looking at "Ready Now": you know T-girls, or whatever you want to call us/them, are great to see naked but I think a T-girl is super sexy just dressed as normal as she can be. Got more? -Gina M. p.s. can put an anon. option in profile list for comments?

Gina -- comments lets you do anonymous ... on blog and on Ask Me Anything

Do you have a favorite sex position? Is there a sex position you've fantasised of being in? What is your fondest memory of a position you were in?

My favorite is whatever position my mouth, clitty or booty is enjoying someone else. I do enjoy a nice hard cock in my booty with my stockinged legs over his shoulders and my clitty as hard as it can be ... with HIM teasing and and stroking it... or someones mouth on it ... oh ... hell ... enjoy!

Friday, November 12, 2010

For My Regular Readers

No Respectful TGirl is Ever Completely Naked has 570 Blog Posts .. Certainly enough to keep you busy while I am gone ...

If you have time and  the inclination please let me know which ones you Like .. either through Ask Me Anything or even a comment or two on the original post or even here!

Love ya all.. will miss ya ... but I will have lots to talk about when I get back!

I Will Be Gone For About Ten Days .... Will You Miss Me?

Sarina or Vaniity?

Let's Dance ... Let's Kiss ... We Take Dollars Too .. Let It Rain!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How Old Are You?

41 ... how old are you?

Who's Looking At Her Hair?

Health and Beauty Tip -- Healthy Eating for Hair

Did you know that hair growth and health can be affected by your diet? Iron deficiency, which comes from a diet lacking in things like meat, eggs, and cereals, can damage your hair. Make sure to eat the proper amount, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron.

Yummy ... Bummie