Saturday, August 8, 2009

Which Bitch Is Your Favorite?

Do you see any growth around here?

I was surfing some other blogs and the blogger posed a question about seeing more chicks with dicks as he called them. He was wondering is this was a growing phenomena . What do you think?
A phenomenon (from Greek φαινόμενoν, pl. φαινόμενα - phenomena) is any observable occurrence.[1] In popular usage, a phenomenon often refers to an extraordinary event. In scientific usage, a phenomenon is any event that is observable, however commonplace it might be, even if it requires the use of instrumentation to observe it. For example, In physics, a phenomenon may be a feature of matter, energy, or spacetime, such as Isaac Newton's observations of the moon's orbit and of gravity, or Galileo Galilei's observations of the motion of a pendulum.[2]

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