Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jamie Again!

My ex wife Ashley owns an interior design business. She’s quite successful at it. Recently she was traveling extensively through Europe for both business and pleasure with her new husband Henry, so she asked me to attend a recent market event in Dallas for her.
I’ve gone with her to the Dallas Market Center many times in the past. I had the time so I did. I love to stay at the Dallas Anatole Hotel, which is nearby the market.
On my first morning, I was having breakfast at the Terrace Café. I arrived at the hostess desk at about the same time as this very stunning blonde. The Hostess started to seat me as a single, when Jamie, I soon learned asked if she could join me.
“Pardon me, I hate eating alone. I see that you are a single; could I join you for breakfast? I’m Jamie. ” This gorgeous woman about 5’6” stood before me. Perfect tits encased in a white silk blouse and black business suit jacket. She has great legs in grey pantyhose and grey 3” pumps. Perfect.
As my eyes looked her over I grinned “Absolutely, I would enjoy some company this morning! My name is Nicole Madison, it my pleasure to meet you, Jamie.”
We hit it off almost from the moment we sat down. Jamie was in Dallas for a few days on business. She’s a marketing/public relations consultant, from Chicago meeting with a new client to outline their program for the upcoming year. We chatted over coffee and bagels. The entire time, I couldn’t take my eyes this gorgeous woman in front of me. How lucky could this slut be!
As it appeared that neither of us had firm plans for the evenings we agreed to meet around 6 PM in the Gossip Bar. Jamie had to leave before me, so I took care of the check. I watched her leave. She looked just as good walking away. She has a perfect butt.

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