Monday, July 13, 2009

Sime Men Just Don't Get It.

Is This TGirl The Same Person?
Yes It Is!
Meet Lisa!

Finally broke down and moved my blogs from Yahoo. What an undertaking. I had to get the Pics manually back onto my laptop and then transfer them to Flickr. I had to copy the stories and whatnot I wanted to save to post again. (Note they said that I could download my blog, but this feature didn't work. Also they said they would transfer it to their new page. What a joke that was. One post transferred.)
Any way I tried Ning and I tried several other sites. Either they dished the Adult sites or it just wasn't worth the aggravation. So I am here with several different blogs. I'm versatile and I can't help it.
I hope you enjoy my posts. Please leave a comment if you are compelled to do so. If not, just simply enjoy my various blog postings.
But to my point -- I got bleary eyed and decided I needed some sexual diversion
I visited one of the chat rooms that I enjoy. All they ever want is pics. Any way I sent this guy three pics and immediately he said they aren't me. How would he know any way. Not the same woman. Two from the same session and the third was me since the first two were taken. Same blonde color in my hair; different cut ... actually in my case, different wigs. In the third pic my face was a little fuller. I put on same weight that I have since lost .. thank goodness.
Women have many different looks, that why we spend so much money on our hair and make up. Also that's why they make wigs silly. That's why our wardrobes are extensive. That's why ...
So to the fool in the chat room, the other day. Get a life!

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