Monday, July 6, 2009

It's Called The "Morning Dash."

When Nikkij sits down at her desk and does the No. 1 item on her to-do list so that she knows it's finished. This requires a lot of prior planning.
You need to write an accurate, prioritized list and you need to block out a portion of your morning to accomplish your No. 1 task uninterrupted. The hardest thing about living by a to-do list is that you have to constantly ask yourself the difficult question, "What's the most important thing to me right now?"
A good to-do list includes long-term and short-term projects, and it integrates all aspects of your life. "Pick out lawn furniture" is on the same list at "go to the board meeting" because both are competing for the same, limited amount of your time.
So -- the most important item on my to do list today is .... have SEX! That's very intriguing... as it's the first item on my list everyday!

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