Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nikkij Loves To Be Powerless!

It makes us powerless too

During anal sex, women virtually hand their sexual power over to their partners. So you guys have the ability to prevent a woman's orgasms and since penetration usually occurs from behind, you enter her sexually when she can't see you.

Your penis doesn't have to come into contact with their sexual organs (vagina and all that good stuff), which ultimately leaves her sexual satisfaction in your hands (or penis as the case may be).

It can cause serious damage You can hurt a woman terribly when it comes to the anal aperture if you're not careful. By allowing you to enter via her other sacred opening, you feel this overwhelming need to dominate. But keep in mind that if you're not wary and penetrate a woman when she's not quite relaxed, you may end up finding Mr. Poo-poo on the end of Mr. Willy, so be sensitive.

It hurts like hell "So what? It hurts us too because it's so tight." Yeah, but while you're squeezing your skin-covered member into what feels like a solid canoli, She's letting you penetrate a portal that only disposes of waste. Most women aren't exactly thrilled at the prospect of having something that feels like a solid 8X13 kielbasa shoved into an area that only shares gifts with the toilet bowl. They're scared.

They are not sure what you're doing back there and although they want it (after all, we're letting you get to it), our thoughts are filled with the whole pain and suffering aspect of it all. It doesn't secrete fluid unless your penis is soaked with the juice from her vagina, use lubricant -- and lots of it -- otherwise, she'll jump up to the ceiling and dig her nails into the plaster.

No woman - tgirls included -- wants an insensitive man whose motives are selfishly induced.

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