Thursday, September 9, 2010

Did You Ever Get Caught?

Have YOU ever been caught masturbating? Tell us...


  1. I was caught once by an exgirlfriend. I was dressed late one night and on my deck, didn’t think she would be coming around due to a night out with the girls. She was drunk and wanted sex; she got what she wanted after the initial surprise at seeing me in full slutty dress up fun masturbating like mad. She dumped me soon afterward saying she could never date a faggot like me. I’m getting a tiny little clitty boner rite now just thinking of that day.

  2. Well ... in fact i've been caught masturbating several times by different persons but the most embarrassing and humiliating situation like this was some hours after i had done so: It was my Daddy who found out what i had done and who gave me a punishment i will never forget ...

    caught by Daddy

    sissy moan

  3. I've never been caught masturbating, but I've been made to do it by both my wife and by a real man while they humiliated me. There's nothing like being down on your knees, face covered in cum, jerking on your sissy cock while the hunk who just came on you tells you what a faggot you are.

  4. yummy stories all... thanks girls!

    imagine being in the center of a room and five guys you just met want to cum on you and you have to get each hard again AND then they demand that you cum for them by stroking your clitty ... then get cuffed to the chair and they all leave.... yummy