Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do You Hang With Your Ex?

Men/women can be friends with their ex

Tango's Hanel says that for both men and women, it's a classic case of dumper vs. dumpee.
"Those who initiate breakups are decidedly more enthusiastic about inviting their exes over for dinner parties and meeting up for picnics in the park," she says. "The ones who are rejected are left with bruised egos, old love letters, and mutilated photos (why does it feel so good to cut his head out of every shot from your Puerto Rican vacation?)."

"Maintaining a friendship with the ex is easier than it sounds," says Burchette of, "especially if you're the one who did the dumping. After all, you broke up with them for a reason, right? And if it was because they're bad in bed, then you might have the bestest friend ever made! If you got a K-fed-style text message, kicking your butt to the curb, then being buds probably isn’t in the foreseeable future."


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