Thursday, August 5, 2010

If She Peels Down to Her Bustier and Stockings ... She's

If she taps or drums her fingers, she's bored, impatient or annoyed. If her legs are crossed in your directions, she's inviting you to stay put. But if she's swinging her foot in your direction, consider that she's actually making a kicking motion. If she hides her face with her hand or a menu, she's protecting herself from you, or she's keeping something from you. If her hand is on her cheek, she's still evaluating the situation. If her hand is over her mouth, she disapproves of you or is reluctant to say what's on her mind. If she blushes, or her ears or chest redden, she's nervous, excited and possibly quite attracted to you.
and if she nibbles on your left nipple ... well you scored!

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