Friday, August 6, 2010

You Already Did

How is the clitoris stimulated?

You will have to start with some gentle and careful experimentation with this delicate piece of female anatomy -- meaning that you shouldn't scratch, grind, bite or squeeze it.

Use your fingers: The idea is to excite your partner. Simply use your CLEAN AND NAIL-TRIMMED finger(s) to softly rub her clitoris. You will know that you're doing it right when her vaginal area becomes lubricated and her clitoris expands into a firm little bud.

Use your tongue: If you haven't gotten into the cunnilingus program yet, it's high time that you do. Use the tip of your tongue to lightly lick her clitoris and other parts of her vagina if you wish. When you are able to orally please her to the point that she begins to moan and groan with delight, you can get a little more aggressive with your tongue. (I've noticed many man do not like orally but… they wants us female to give them a BJ!)

Use your penis: Yes, you can use your penis to tease and taunt her until she can't take it anymore. Rub the tip of your penis against her clitoris and watch her writhe with pleasure. (Read again guys, rubbing your penis! Not penetrate will stimulate her clitoris).

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