Monday, July 5, 2010

Dark What...?

Why do you get dark rings or bags under your eyes when you are tired?
This is another medical mystery. We do know, however, that the eyelid skin is the thinnest anywhere on the body and thin skin allows dark venous blood to show through.
In addition to being caused by lack of sleep dark rings can be brought on by allergies or asthma. This condition is called "allergic shiners". This can cause more blood to pool in the tissues underneath the eyes and can add to the puffiness in the area.
Adequate rest
Good Nutrition
Overall Good Health
All of the above tend to make the circles less noticeable. A good concealer or foundation can also do the trick!
Now, Nikkij's trick is to make the connection early in the evening -- versus later -- so she's in bed before eleven .... and of course stay bed in until noon.
Oops --- You have to sleep right ... well I guess I need to come up with some more tricks!

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