Friday, July 2, 2010

I Have Needs Too...!

I need a good kiss, a warm embrace, I need a gentle touch, I need
I need a sexy wink, I need a whisper in my ear, lips on my neck, I need
I need you to say my name, I need you to kiss me and set my world on fire, I need
I need you to grab me, rip my blouse off, to feel your mouth on me, I need
I need your tounge over my breast, on my nipples, I need your hands under my skirt, I need
I need my panties to burn away at your touch, your teeth bitieng my nipples, I NEED
I need you to throw me down, move between my legs, kiss me lick me, open me and take me I NEED
I need to be kissed hard, passionately, your tounge in my throat, your hand inside me, I NEED
I Need you to lick me, flick me, kiss me, touch me, bring me to an earth shattering orgasm. I NEED,
I need you cum with me, cum in me, come over me, cum on me, make me cum, over and over and over agian, I NEED
I need you to clean up and get the Fuck girlfriend will be here in 10 minutes....

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