Monday, July 5, 2010

Four Common Mistakes Men Make

Unfortunately, some men don't realize that certain factors will deter a woman from accepting an advancement or invitation from a total stranger. Here are the top 4 common mistakes men make when approaching a woman:
1- Forgetting a woman's comfort zone Just because you know that you're a nice guy, that doesn't mean she will too. It is important for you to realize that most women will be on their guard when you first approach them. This is normal, and the important thing is for you to come across as a harmless guy. A little humor usually helps.
2- Trying to fool women The second biggest error most men make is that they don't give women enough credit and respect. Most men think that they can fool a woman into giving them their number. Listen, women know that you're trying to pick them up, so don't beat around the bush. Be direct and let them know exactly what you want. By doing so, you'll come across as a confident and straightforward man.
3- Approaching without a planSome people can improvise successfully, but regardless of the case, having a plan always helps your chances of coming across as a person she might consider dating.
4- Acting like a pervert It just seems that men keep on sabotaging any good chances they have by keeping their eyes aimed down at a woman's breasts. Instead, keep your eyes locked onto hers. You want her to think that you're the knight in shining armor who's going to romantically sweep her off her feet rather than a dog who's just sniffing any old fire hydrant ready to mark his territory.

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