Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hair Removal!

Waxing Genital Hair. Consider some of the more time-tested genital hair waxing traditions, using wax.

Genital Hair Removal Costs. Discover the costs for genital hair removal for temporary or permanent results. Shavers can cost under $50… waxing kits less. Permanent laser pubic hair removal and electrolysis prices in the hundreds of dollars depend on the surface area…density of hair…and where your skin and hair specialist operates.

Genital Hair Removal Cream For ‘Temporary’ Results. A number of creams are available…some may require prescriptions… Cautions? You have highly sensitive skin in the pubic region, so applications have to be done very carefully in order to avoid irritation to your skin. Hair removal creams mean you’ll repeat treatments as needed.

Applying The Wax. What’s the first step? Heat the wax until liquid. Your pubic area carries some highly sensitive skin, easily irritated, tending towards rashes and bumps and in growing hairs so “waxer beware”. Yes, the wax should be warm and viscous…but not too hot or you’ll get burning of sensitive skin.

Apply your pubic hair wax in roughly 1-inch strips. Next, let cool for 30 seconds or more until the wax hardens. Getting The Tear Right. Pull-and-tear is key to getting rid of unwanted genital hair. Technique? Take care to pull in the direction “opposite” to how your pubic hair is growing. Reason? You’ll get a cleaner, truer and deeper roots-and-all effect.

Discomfort Levels? Face it…ouch…waxing genital hairs and then yanking hairs out by the roots requires some discipline and commitment, if you’re doing this at home. Alternatively, go to a hair waxing spa or beauty salon and let a professional do the work for you. Afterwards? Your skin will be red… with slightly raised micro-welts for a day or so after you wax, but you’ll literally be as smooth as a baby.

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