Monday, July 5, 2010

You Fart In Public

You’re holding court with a dazzling set of girls; you’d be pleased to go home with any one of them. The story you’re relating requires you to squat down, when suddenly an audible one slips out. Remedy: Ignore it and make a strong commitment to that by picking up the conversation where it stopped. Arguably there is no graceful exit here. A diversion is the lesser of all evils; every other solution simply extends its shelf life exponentially, and this will hurt you more than you know. Simply because you’re the star of an embarrassing situation hardly means you’re the only one embarrassed; others are bound to feel embarrassed too -- granted they feel this way for you, but this form of discomfort shares many of the same features. As a result, if you acknowledge your fart with “Thai food -- gets me every time” or “Oops!” you’re giving new life to a situation others want to see die as much as you do. In accordance with the situation above, your only other option -- used with great discretion -- is to add, “Well, that part didn’t happen, but the rest of it did.”

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