Monday, July 5, 2010

How Americans Compare To The World

· Americans (48%) are more sexually satisfied than Australians (42%) and Europeans (40%), with people in Asia Pacific countries being the least satisfied (35%).
· Globally, 44% of people claim complete satisfaction.
· Africans are the most sexually satisfied (66%).
· Greeks have the most sex at 164 times a year, followed by Brazilians (145 times).
· Americans spend 18 minutes per session, the same as the global average, while Africans spend the most time (24 minutes). Western Europeans spend the least time (17 minutes).
· Americans (59%) are more likely to regularly orgasm than people around the world (48%).
· Twice as many American men (64%) as women usually orgasm.
· Age-wise it is the 65-plus age group who are most likely to achieve orgasm.

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